Author of best selling supplement, Applied Mathematics for Physical Chemistry, 3rd Edition, James R. Barrante has a new textbook, Physical Chemistry for the Biological Sciences, an iBook for iPads, iPhones, or Macs with OS X Maverick.  To download a sample chapter, go to the iBookstore.  At $9.99 it makes a great supplement for any physical chemistry course.



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August 19, 2014 · 1:15 am

One response to “Physical Chemistry for the Biological Sciences

  1. Charles Delp

    James – I’ve been reading your letters in the Waterbury Republican-American for years, and I appreciate your logic and positions. I would love to see a nationally televised debate (maybe on Fox News or similar) between you and a knowledgeable proponent of man-caused climate change (this obviously eliminates people like Al Gore). Would you be wiling to participate in such a debate, if one can be arranged?

    Charles Delp
    Retired aerospace engineer
    Southbury CT

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